Monday, March 17, 2008

domingo de las ramas de palmas

As you might have guessed this is what you know as Palm Sunday. This is a very happy day because according to legend this is when Jesus triumphantly enters Jerusulem on a donkey. So, although not a fiesta where there is drinking of mezcal and dancing, this is still a day of joyous celebration. We went to a small pueblo outside of Oaxaca city, the name of which G. and decided we will not share because we do not want to encourage busloads of tourists to visit.
The church has all the statues covered with purple cloth, I am not sure what the significance of this, except to say they are uncovered on Easter morning.
The mercado was open, but most people were busy putting the final touches on the gifts that were to be carried in a procession to the church and sold later to benefit the church, somewhat similair to a church bazzar, but a LOT more exciting and what seemed like chaos, but if you observed closely was quite organized.
Everyone had brought something, with a suggested price tag stuck to each item.

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