Wednesday, March 26, 2008

how to be invisible

How to be invisible:
1. be a member of an indigenous group that has been oppressed and abused for centuries, you can be easily recognized by having darker skin, sharper features, and smaller stature than the dominant group
2. Be a victim of bad luck and bad choices ( having as many children as possible is a big advantage in becoming invisible)
3. By your very presence, make passersby feel guilty or angry that you are reminding them of the poor and disadvantaged, so you must not be acknowledged.

So do I give them pesos? Yes, every time I pass by, but I have no illusions that my tiny contribution will change their lives, my passage is as random to them as the rare rain in the dry season, as random as the sickness that takes the next baby. But, by giving them a peso and a smile, I think just for that moment I help make them visible and human.

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