Monday, March 17, 2008

procession and church fund raiser sale

I just realized that I should have changed the order of these Palm Sunday posts, this one should be the last one instead of the first in this series. Anyway, the chosen men, and I am sure this is a great honor, picked up the very heavy, very extensively decorated stuate of Jesus on the donkey for the procession to the church.

The first picture is of some precious children holding the line along the procession route, then pictures from the parade route, notice the very important job of lifting the electric wires with a long bamboo pole so the the top decoration can pass underneath.

As I noted earlier, everyone brought something, one guy is determined to earn a lot of Jesus credits, he brought a whole truck loaded with cabbages.
At the auction in the church, lots of excitement, made you want to buy a cabbage at least!

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