Saturday, March 22, 2008

rug examples for Gaddy

I have not found your rug yet, since each rug maker has their own designs, I will keep looking, However here some photos of some I have found with various depections of indigenous gods, alll of these are about the same size as the ones I have in my living room at home and range from 180 dollars to 200 dollars or so. The designs with the old gods are more expensive than the rugs that I have bought in the past, any design with more curves is more difficult and time consuming to make that the more linear designs with the ancient symbols from the Mitla ruins.
I think that the rug that was pictured in the book was a rug made for an art gallery, with the perfectly excuted circle being the most difficult form to make on a loom.
You can download any of these pictures to look at them in more detail, if you like.

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