Sunday, March 23, 2008

a walk in the Sierra Norte

I went back to Cuyjimoloyas a few days ago, this is the village in the mountains above the valley of Oaxaca that has a project to help perserve their forest and their culture. At 10,000 plus feet the air was fresh and crisp. Our guide knew a great deal about the healing and medicinal plants on our hike. He showed us a herb that cures hang overs, a tree with a resin that when applied to a broken bone heals by stimulating the rebuilding of the bone material internally, a red flower that when placed in the ear cures ear ache, a plant for toothache and much more. The huge maguey (type of agave) are a different type from those used to make mezcal or tequilla, our guide said the interior of the tall flower stalk is eaten in vinegar.

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